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February's Car Chase Compilation
Stolen box truck pursuit
Car chase DUI driver
LAPD chasing murder suspect
Driver in minivan leads LAPD on chase
Burglary suspects fleeing CHP get stopped
CHP chases BMW driver going over 100 mph on LA freeways
Spike strip shreds tires on SUV, ends pursuit
Suspect rams cars, steals van and truck during pursuit
cops pursuing driver in stolen Rolls-Royce in LA County
Motorcycle Rider Taken Into Custody
Trio Arrested After Chase Ends In LA
Car chase end in crash
Stolen U-Haul Bursts Into Flames!
Oakland County High Speed Police Chase
Ford Hits 100mph In Early Morning Chase!
Police Chase Quads in Offroad Pursuit
 Murder Suspect Leads Chase In A Pickup Truck!
Police chase stolen tanker truck
Robbery suspects dodge pit maneuver
Driver in stolen U-Haul truck pursuit
Police Chase Ends in Long Beach
High speed chase suspects crash
Police chase truck in the Malibu area of Southern California
Truck flips during police chase
Police dash cam footage shows wild semi truck chase in Ohio
Suspect Rams Multiple Cars
Stolen Truck Pursuit
Police chase speeding vehicle  across L.A. County
560 HP Audi RS6 CHASE
 dealer escapes to Mexico
Suspect Steals Cop Car
Police Chase big truck St. Louis
Wild Night Pursuit With Multiple Collisions!
Stolen Ambulance Pursuit on the 4th Of July!
Police chases SUV driver in high-speed pursuit through Los Angeles
Wild Pursuit Ends Near LAX
$365,000 Hennessey Velociraptor 6x6 Wild Police Chase
Police chase caught on camera
Police Chase Reckless Driver
Car Chase Disneyland Parking Garage
 Suspect Steals Police Cruiser
Stolen Taxi Suspect Hands Out Money
 15 Year Old Carjacking Suspect
Police Chase Stolen Horse Pursuit
Car Chase Cell Phone Store Robbers Get Away
Car Chase Stolen Vehicle Ends At School
Car Chase Stolen Mustang PIT Maneuver
Car Chase Murder Suspect Carjacking
Car Chase Attempt On An Officer With SWAT
Car Chase Suspect Throws Dog Out Of Vehicle
Car Chase Reckless Driver
Car Chase Stolen BMW
Wrong Way Driver Minivan On The Run
Jeep Pursuit Suspects Run On Foot
 Stolen Vehicle Suspects Couple On The Run
 High Speed Motorcycle chase
 Domestic Violence Suspect On The Run
High Speed Crash Car VS Semi Truck
Motorhome Pursuit
Stolen Audi DUI Orange County
Kidnapping Suspect with Pit Maneuver
Failure To Yield Suspects Flee on Foot
 Armed and Dangerous Suspect With Kids In The Car
Serial Burglar On The Run
Suspect Wanted For Weapons And Explosives
Pursuit Highlights
Los Angeles school police pursuit
Freeway Pursuit Ends in Pit Maneuver
High Speed Pursuit Ends With Pit Maneuver
High Speed Pit Maneuver Flips Stolen Truck
Dangerous Freeway Pursuit
Assault Suspect Leads Chase At Over 100mph
Police Chase Through Downtown Los Angeles
 Car Chase Jeep on the Run
Car Chase Stolen Plumber Van
Car Chase Chevy Tahoe
Car Chase On the Run in the Rain
Car Chase Door Ripped off Honda
Car Chase Suspect Flees Moving Truck
Woman Runs from Police
Truck Flees... Then Crashes
Car Chase Suspects Flee on Foot
 Car Chase Going Slow through Silverlake
Car Chase Suspect is chased by Civilian
Car Chase Ends with Breakdancing
Car Chase With Kidnap Suspect
Car Chase Criminal Suspect On The Run
Car Chase Equipment Truck with Dangerous Ending
Car Chase Carjacking Suspect allegedly carrying an AK-47
Car Chase Suspect Taunts Cops
Car Chase Crashes through Fence
Car Chase Murder Suspect Fires Gun Out Moving Car
Pursuit Driver Tackled After Crashing Into Building
Crazy Motorhome Pursuit - Unedited
 Driver Found Hiding In Trash Can After High-Speed Pursuit
Kia gets Pitted!
Car Chase Driver Taunts Police, Does Donuts
Dodge Dart reaches incredible speeds
High-Speed Pursuit Ends On Foot
 Police Take Down Motorcyclist After Pursuit
 O.J. Simpson White Bronco Chase
Shirtless DUI Suspect Leads Chase Through South LA
Tacoma Rips Through Neighborhoods, Police Attempt Pit
High-Speed Pursuit Ends In Smoke
Suspect Tased After Epic Crash
 Pursuit Suspect Disappears Into The Mountains
 Mustang Leads Police In High-Speed Pursuit
Slow-Speed Pursuit Ends In West Covina
Multiple Collision Pursuit
Robbery Suspects Ditch Vehicle And Jump From Rooftops
Volvo Gets Pitted After High-Speed Pursuit
Sedan Hits Speeds Over 110MPH
Police Take Down Suspect After Night Pursuit
 Toyota Sienna Loses Control!
 Wild Chase Leads To Foot Pursuit
Dangerous Pursuit Through The San Fernando Valley
Night Chase Leads To Foot Pursuit
Stolen CHP Cruiser Goes Off-Roading
Wrong-Way Purtsuit Driver
Wild Police Chase In LA That Ends In Deadly Shooting
police chase that started in Anaheim, ended in Venice
Suspect Out Of Control In California
Stolen-car suspect leads police on wild pursuit into Hollywood
Woman Goes VERY SLOW During Police Chase
police chase through Houston's rush hour traffic
Police Chase Pedestrian Killed
LA police chase ends with suspects hugging
Police chase suspect through L.A
BMW E60 V10 M5 Police chase in Stockholm
LAPD chase a possible gang member
Police Chase crash
CHP chases driver in Mercedes-Benz
UPS driver carjacking leads to wild police chase
 Los Angeles High Speed police Chase
Arizona Police Chase